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Reports of Yomidun’s Relocation to the UK Amidst Speculation of her Demise by Papaya Ex (Abike Arab Money)

Papaya Ex (popularly knowned as Abike Arab Money) poured her heart out on social media, sharing touching photos of Yomidun along with heartfelt captions that initially hinted at a devastating loss. In her emotional post, she bared her soul, admitting to days filled with tears and an overwhelming sadness that seemed impossible to shake off. Feeling lost and unable to find comfort, she struggled to put into words the depth of her pain.

Amidst her grief, Papaya Ex reflected on the profound bond she shared with Yomidun, a connection that had always been there but had taken on new meaning in the midst of this heartache. She couldn’t fathom the thought of facing life without her dear sister by her side, their bond too strong to imagine living without.

As her heartfelt message spread across social media, Papaya shared a groundbreaking post of her and yomidun in the Uk, flexing and partying, with this short saga, Papaya Ex fans blames her for making it looks like Yomidun is dead.




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