How Ayra Starr Got Signed to Don Jazzy’s Marvin Records (Must Read)

Ayra Starr, a new gen afrobeat superstar shared her experience on how she got signed to Mavin Records which is owned by the famous Nigerian Dj, Don Jazzy. She made the revelations during an interview with Viper Magazine, she gave insights into her musical journey and the groundbreaking moment that changed her career for the better.

During her interviews, she explained how she got in touch with Don jazzy and how her life changed for good, She said:

I started remixing songs when I was seven or eight, I would remix Michael Jackson songs and I’d put my own words. I’d take it to school and act like this is my song and people would be like “you’re a liar, it’s not yours”. I would put my own words every time. Then me and my brother started writing songs when I was 10 and he was nine. Then when I was 12, my mom got us a guitar so we started properly writing music. A song from my album, I wrote when I was 14 and my brother was 13.

She explained further and said:

I used to upload covers on Instagram, then the first time I started to do an original song written by my brother. I uploaded it on Instagram, this is something I was overthinking for like a whole day before I posted and it was’t even up to three hours before Don Jazzy sent me a message! He was like “we need to meet up at the studio, just call me” and the rest was history. We met at the studio with my brother. The songs we recorded that day were on my EP, two songs on my EP.

You can also checkout her new music titled ‘Commas‘.




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