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SMNI presidential debate exposes BBM frailties


It was all too evident for many– a clueless Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior while answering tough questions from a panel exclusively formed for him, according to another presidential Leody de Guzman of Partido Lakas ng Masa.

Looking at BBM does not inspire confidence. BBM showed his most vulnerable side when asked questions about national policies. Study closely his answers and you’ll find that they are more or less circuitous answers with no sense at all.

Sad for an Oxfordian, a claim Mr. Marcos Junior often brags yet often denied by Oxford University and even by Filipino alumni. Yet, BBM seems to be all too articulate in the Queen’s language but listen closely and one finds that his statements lack substance.

I would even congratulate another presidential Norberto Gonzales, Gloria’s faired haired boy in the intelligence department and former presidential spokesperson Abella. Their responses far outweigh those of BBM’s.

Leody de Guzman had his moments but unfortunately, gained absolutely nothing with his answers which most border on sloganeering. De Guzman lost his opportunity to shine when he admitted that his plan was to highlight his agenda rather than pit himself against Mr. Marcos Junior. It could have been a blast seeing Leody pit his sword against Mr. Marcos Junior.

This is another sign my friends that we are truly headed towards disastrous and uncharted waters if BBM wins.



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